Our technology

At Simris, we grow microalgae for state-of-the-art, plant-based and pure omega-3s. Simris is a pioneer in exclusive omega-3s sourced from microalgae, and the only omega-3 brand on the beauty market that actually grows our own algae ingredients.


At the Algae Farm in Hammenhög, we grow our algae in 2000 square metres of greenhouses. Our laboratory where we grow our starter cultures, follow up on the growth status and take care of our strain library is also part of the Algae Farm. Our farms are at the absolute forefront of technology, with circular economy and industrial symbiosis as integral principles.

Our technology is a type of vertical farming at the intersection of biotechnology and modern precision aquaculture. The algae grow by natural photosynthesis in closed glass tubular systems where they are continuously circulated in our own pure salt water. In this way, we obtain an omega-3-oil which is ecologically sustainable, free from environmental toxins and packed with maximal amounts of healthy substances, phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Cultivation is continuous and the algae are regularly harvested by letting off the algal water and through careful centrifugation. We do not use chemical precipitation, but instead gentle, mechanical technology that protects the sensitive nutrients and ensures superior product quality. The water that is separated from the algae by centrifugation is then recovered and recycled into the culture again, so that new algae can grow.

The harvested, fresh algae paste is finally milled and freeze-dried, to prepare for extraction of the precious omega-3-oil. Extraction is performed at low pressure and temperature, and without the use of harsh solvents that are common in the food industry. In this way, our process is more environmentally sustainable and we avoid solvent residues in our products. The final result is an exceptionally pure, safe, climate-smart and environmentally friendly omega-3 oil.

Processen för att skapa Simris algolja

Our production checklist


We operate and have full control over the entire farming process. We grow our own starter cultures and make our own seawater in which the algae are grown. In this way, we guarantee a superior product, absolutely free from toxins and contaminants.


We do not use solvents to extract the oils from the algae nor to enhance concentration of the omega-3 fatty acids. We do not consider solvent-based processes to be environmentally sustainable, and do not want to risk residual solvents ending up in our products. We also want to maintain the many beneficial substances that are naturally found in the algae oil without destroying them in the manufacturing process.


We only work with natural algae strains, and no genetically modified algae. On the contrary, we make it a point to utilise the natural diversity of algae, where so many species and strains are still completely unexplored. It is common industry practice to subject microalgae to genetic mutations through chemical treatment or radiation, and then screen the resulting mutants for desired properties. This is a way to avoid GMO regulations. We think it is better to screen nature’s own algae instead, in order to identify new wild-type species with high farming potential.


There are many brands today that offer vegan products, but Simris is an entirely vegan company. We do not use raw materials or ingredients of animal origin anywhere in our production. In this way, we also put pressure on our suppliers. All our products are 100% plant-based, and we do not make any products for the animal industry. Also, we do not participate in projects and collaborations that support the animal industry.


Our algae farm has many beneficial effects on the environment. First and foremost, we replace unsustainable marine commodities with environmentally superior alternatives from farmed microalgae. Furthermore, our farm is run with smart algorithms for operation and climate control to be as energy efficient as possible. We place high demands on our suppliers as well, and ensure that our raw materials are not manufactured with negative environmental impacts.

For every kilo of algae we grow, we consume nearly twice the amount of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the carbon source used by the algae to make omega-3s, while also producing oxygen. The carbon dioxide we use at our farm is a green by-product of the fermentation process at the Absolut Vodka distillery. When wheat is fermented into ethanol, the yeast also produces carbon dioxide, which is captured to prevent its emission into the atmosphere. Instead, we use this green carbon dioxide at our farms to convert it into valuable omega-3s.