Our philosophy

Simris is a multi-award-winning, pioneering, prestige wellness company that grows algae in Sweden. We save and protect endangered marine habitats by developing unique ingredients from farmed microalgae instead of from fish or other marine animals. Our goal is to be the beacon for positive change in business. We are based in Hammenhög in Sweden’s Österlen region, close to the sun and the sea.


A bicycle ride through the ripening grain fields of Sweden’s Österlen region actually says it all. Plants are the basis of the food we eat, the materials we use and the energy that fuels us. Farming and agriculture are key industries to sustain our lives here on the planet.

Algae are also plants, ones that live in water. They live on sunlight and form the basis of the marine food chain. Growing algae is a pioneering branch of modern agriculture. At Simris, we grow and harvest one of the earth’s most primordial crops: seaborne plants that invented photosynthesis, which is the power to harness sunlight for energy, and essential to all life on earth.

Algae naturally produce many unique substances and essential nutrients which are vital to human and animal health. Our business is to harness these substances, and deliver state-of-the-art, pure and traceable products that give people access to these sun-packed gifts of the sea. At Simris, we farm, grow and harvest algae in sunny Österlen, Sweden.


“In order to do good, a company has to do good to society.”

As a company, we are an integral part of society. Profit is at the heart of what we do, as is doing good. We create jobs, generate new knowledge, reduce harmful impact on natural resources and make a difference in people’s lives with our products. We replace unsustainable production methods with truly green and bio-based technologies. For us, this ensures long-term growth and profitability. Through collaborations, we share our know-how with industries and organisations who are serious about making a difference and improving their environmental impact.


“Health is power. Health is beauty. Health is freedom."

Health is about enjoying life. To have fun, feel strong, and to be truly alive, that’s what a healthy lifestyle means. A healthy body has the power to perform and the freedom to be active. A fit and healthy body is a body that sees no restrictions — strong enough to head out for a run, to play with the children, and to withstand stress and disease.

Health and the environment are interrelated. The food and health products we eat to keep us healthy and strong should not deplete our planet's natural resources, and should of course be free from environmental toxins and pollutants. We want to be able to breathe clean air, drink pure water and enjoy nature with its stunning beauty and amazing variety of living species.

"We prefer to inspire than to preach. Yes, we tick off all the fancy, hard-core checkboxes: science, high-tech, sustainability — but we also hope to appeal to people’s fantasy and emotions, by sharing our love for these tiny little miracle plants from the sea. We see business as a tool for change, and nature as the best source of technology. There’s so much to fix in this world, and we need to get going. Change comes from passion within, and not by being told what to do. We want people to fall in love with algae, just as we once did. The rest will follow.”