Our heritage


Grundaren Fredrik Gullfot & medgrundaren Daphne Jaeschke

"Once you know where omega-3s really come from, you’ll never want to bother with fish oil again!"

Our background

Simris was founded in 2011. Microalgae were evolving as an entirely new discipline within biotech at the time, with seemingly endless possibilities to use algae for novel sustainable production processes and better products.

Our commercial business started with several exciting collaborative projects where we showed how algae can support conventional industrial production to become both greener and more profitable. In parallel, we developed our own farming process, to produce plant-based omega-3s as a superior alternative to fish oil and krill. Today, we have contributed to industrial history as proud owners of the Algae Farm in Sweden’s Hammenhög, a state-of-the-art algae facility at the utmost forefront of technology.

But technology alone does not make Simris unique. One of the founding goals for Simris was to create an iconic brand that would empower change and make a difference, for real. True to our Scandinavian heritage, we pay meticulous attention to delivering products of not only indisputable quality, but also ones that are a joy to use and display everyday.

"We strongly believe in the power of consumers to drive change and make a difference through their choices, but that also means superior alternatives should be available to them to choose." - Daphne Jaeschke

We have received great attention both in Sweden and internationally for our efforts. Along the way, we have been awarded several prizes and honors, from entrepreneurship, environment and science to branding and communication. Our core business today is to produce omega-3s, while we have also initiated the development of additional products and substances that make a difference both for our health and our oceans.

Both members of the founding team are still leading Simris, Fredrika Gullfot as the company's CEO and Daphne Jaeschke as its CMO.

Our vision is to be a beacon of positive change in business. We are based in Sweden's Hammenhög, Österlen, close to the sun and the sea.

Hammenhögs Frö

1925: Otto J. Olson & Sons is founded, to become the foundation of Hammenhögs Frö.

Simris Algfarmen

2012: Simris moves in to the same premises, continuing the farming tradition with the Algae Farm.


Our Algae Farm is based in the small village of Hammenhög, in the heart of Österlen and Skåne, Sweden’s strongest and most innovative region within agriculture and food production. Here, we have taken over the greenhouses of an iconic plant-breeding facility, which once gave Hammenhög its nickname as “the flower village”.

Our greenhouses’ birth story goes as far back as the nineteenth century, when farmer Otto J. Olson – thanks to the mild and sunny climate of the region – started to cultivate seeds for fodder beet and grass. At the peak of the facility’s operation, around 350 workers were busy with the cultivation of flowers, seeds and tulip bulbs. The thriving and colourful fields and annual tulip festivals attracted visitors from all over the country.

"We are very proud and happy to carry forward Hammenhög’s green and colorful farming tradition, with our own little sea-flowers. The greenhouses have now been turned into one of the world’s most modern algae farms." - Fredrika Gullfot

The Algae farm is open to visitors during tourist seasons — you are most welcome to stop by!

Behållare med algvatten i Simris laboratorium
Grundaren Fredrika Gullfot hållandes en flaska med algvatten
Our team

In our team, we have gathered unique expertise: we are biotechnologists, biologists, communicators, marketers — all proud algae farmers who make a difference! At Simris, we walk the talk, and we love nature and the oceans.

Our business philosophy is characterised by a strong win-win spirit and a focus on working together. Our values are based not only around making a difference and creating growth, but also on things that make our hearts beat faster, like joy and adventure. English is the official language at Simris, which helps broaden our recruitment opportunities. Our sixteen employees speak eleven languages ​​fluently – plus the local dialect of the Skåne region here, of course.