The alpha & omega in True luxury

What timeless piece should one invest in these days? How about one that never goes out of style and will always offer a good return on investment? One that’s been around since the first cave art was created, dating back to sculptures of the Classical Greek gods up through today’s worship of lean muscle. An investment in your body, in your mind and in your future. Nope, we’re not talking about diamonds or bitcoin – they won’t keep you indulging and enjoying in the long run. So, what’s this elusive, stable “luxury” investment we speak of? That would be You and your wellbeing. Sure, crying in a Tesla might feel better, but fortune is not a remedy for depression. Invest in luxury for today and the future, because nothing says comfort and opulence like caring for one’s health and wellbeing.


The state of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is increasingly taking center stage when it comes to defining true luxury. Just scroll through your social media feed – it’s likely full of influencers, celebrities, even friends curating their own versions of wholesome, healthy living. Or look at the rise in high-end athleisure brands (and their 42% growth in the last 7 years) – the apparel of choice in our pursuit of wellness – which demonstrate the importance we’re placing on exercise (and looking good while doing it). Who needs a Gucci handbag when you’ve got Patagucci’s latest model of Fair Trade Certified running tights to flaunt?

Ring with an omega capsule in place of a stone

The opulence of selfcare

Two champagne flutes alongside two caviar tins full of omega-3 capsules

And it’s not just about physical movement. A shift toward overall health and wellness is established and thriving, with a focus on both body and mind. Meditation routines are skyrocketing. Breathwork is entering the mainstream. Yoga practice is peaking, centered on presence and mindfulness. Between 2015 and 2017, the global wellness market expanded by 6.4% to a value of $4.2 trillion, growing twice as fast as the global economy. The traditional status symbols of the past are starting to carry less meaning than they once did; and what is replacing them exceeds their importance tenfold. Because health and wellness are the most timeless luxury there is – the rest is just icing on the cake.

It’s true that the icing can be pretty enticing, of course. Few would say no to cruising around Caribbean waters on a yacht or donning a distinctive legacy watch. But there seems to be a shift in mindset beyond the glamour to the fact that good health never goes out of style – and is worth a greater investment than anything with a price tag on it. Wellness trends are moving us from a symbol-based focus to a fulfillment-based one – and with it, our health is taking a front seat. What greater luxury is there than feeling strong, energetic and healthy?


As we shelve the status symbols of the past, we look toward a future to fuel the wellbeing of both ourselves and our world. An awareness of the far-reaching effects of mass consumption are growing, and with them, a migration toward educating ourselves about the products we purchase and the impacts they have on our world. Sustainability has become a critical component of progress and part of the definition of true luxury – without it, there is no long-term viability. Who knows, maybe a new shirt made of algae will be the height of luxury in the future?

A gold frame around 9 bottles of Simris Algae Omega-3

The Art of Sustainability: Omega-3s from algae

Abstract art made from algae oil and watercolors next to several omega-3 capsules

Prada, Schmada

The global pandemic has only further emphasized the gravity of prioritizing our health. Setting aside the obvious sweeping efforts to stay ‘rona-free, spending so much time within the four walls of our homes only underscores the fact that when it comes down to it, the most important thing is how we’re feeling, not who we’re wearing. New healthy lifestyle habits around this self-focus are developing, whether it’s starting the day with a mug of tea and 20 minutes to ourselves or ending it with an interval run around the ‘hood. Filling our cup has taken on a new meaning and we’re looking inward to get there.

Luxury is, of course, a subjective concept with as many meanings as there are people to imagine them. After a 70-hour work week, it’s a day off – without access to email. After becoming a new parent, it’s a long shower and sitting down to eat a full meal without disruption. After months of quarantine, it’s a hug from a loved one. But even for these intangible luxuries, our health and wellbeing serve as the baseline without which all else loses its allure.


Simris is proud to play a part in this wellbeing puzzle: omega-3s are an essential piece of over-all health, and the omega-3s we offer are of the purest and highest quality for your body as well as for our oceans. Sourcing omega-3s from algae (their original source) and not fish removes from the equation both overfishing as well as the toxins often found in fish. When it comes to sustainably improving your health, omegas have got you covered.

So, the next time you make a purchase for yourself, first look beyond a new pair of shoes or piece of art; consider something that’s going to enable you to feel your best – the Alpha and Omega of true luxury – helping you live life to its fullest, today and every day. This way you’ll be investing in being able to enjoy everything else – including the new watch.